The right tool for the job.


Does your Blitz Guide contain a drill with a drill tool? Lucky you. Not sure? Find your drill tool(s) in the Drill Tools section of your Blitz Navigation Bar. This will also be noted in the Tools section of the Drill Page. From there, you may access each Drill Tool for your Blitz.



Craft away.
Need help crafting a challenge statement? Look no further than the Challenge Framer Tool. In addition to accessing the Challenge Framer from the Drill Tools section of your Blitz, you may find this tool in the Blitz Overview.

You can also use the Challenge Framer Tool as a place to  Each time a challenge is created, it’ll be visible to all full team 

Fill in the text boxes with what you want to accomplish, whom it will matter to most, the approach you want to apply, and for the impact you want to make.

Need help narrowing down your challenge set? Try running the Beautiful Question Drill to narrow down the challenge of opportunity you want to think wrong about, or take a look at the Challenge Framing Template. 

Happy crafting!

Let Go Drill Tools.

[To view Let Go Drill Tools, first select Drill Tools from your Blitz Navigation Bar. Select the Go to Takeover button to access each Takeover Drill library.

 As a core team member, you may select the Takeovers you wish to use in your Blitz; we typically select one Takeover per Blitz team. If desired, you may edit or add to any current takeover by selecting the edit button at the bottom of each existing takeover. To add a new takeover to a library, select new at the top of your screen.]

Pecha 3 (+3) Tool.
Short, sweet, and to the point.
[Create a concise presentation of your emerging solution by using the Pecha 3 or Pecha 3+3 Drill tool. To start, select Drill Tools from your Blitz Navigation Bar, find the Pecha 3 or Pecha 3+3 Drill tool and select New. To make a presentation, first enter the details: provide your team number, solution name, and summary. Next, edit each Why, How, and What slide by choosing a layout, entering text, importing an image, and adding some color. To preview your presentation, press the play button at the top of your screen. When finished make sure to save your presentation. Once saved it will appear in the Drill Tools section of your Blitz along with all other team presentations from your Blitz for you to watch. After the Blitz you may also access the Pecha presentations in your Blitz Report.]