Who Do You Trust?

Trust never appears on a balance sheet, an annual report, a line item on an employee’s paycheck, supplier invoice, or client receivables. 

Yet, trust is an asset that organizations need to understand, manage, and nurture to succeed.

In a world where bad news travels fast, how do you go about understanding your state of trust, and what you can do to strengthen it?

Who trusts you?

Why do they trust you?

What are you doing to deserve their trust?

What are the consequences of losing trust?

High trust levels lead to a deeper relationships, stronger brand, improved revenues, greater customer advocacy, and increased employee productivity and retention.

High levels of trust help organizations become the first choice of customers and partners—and to overcome and bounce back from adversity quickly when it does occur.

Our Offer

Future + Hodge Arts partner to help you explore the state of trust inside and outside your organization—and what you might do to build and strengthen it among the people who matter most to your success.

Understanding, building, and nurturing trust is not a one time activity. That’s why we tailor an 8–12 week Trust Program—including a series of short films and gatherings—which help you identify and respond to your trust challenges and opportunities.

Why film and gatherings? Your state of trust is best understood as a story and through conversation. Trust is filled with raw, human emotion. Your trust story needs to be told, shared and communicated in ways that connect and inspire those most affected.


About Trust.

Your Trust Program starts by convening your people and using film and Future’s Think Wrong drills to explore the state of trust, why trust matters, what trust means, and who trust is important to inside and outside your organization.

About Trust.

Based on the outcomes of your guided trust conversation, we produce a short film to bring the state of trust to life.

At the same time, the people who matter most in your trust chain will have the opportunity to participate in your program through a Trust Installation designed to invite input, increase understanding, and to reinforce the importantance of trust to your organization.

Understand Trust.

When your Trust Film is complete we bring your team together to take stock of the state of trust inside and outside your organization—and how that aligns with your perceptions. Through this exercise you discover whether trust is an opportunity or a challenge for you.


We convene a Trust Blitz, based on your new trust insights, to co-create a portfolio of actions that to address your trust challenge or opportunity. Your Blitz convenes a team from across your organization, select members from your trust chain, and outsiders who bring fresh perspectives to imagine solutions you could never conceive of on your own.


The final phase of your Trust Program is focused on placing Trust Bets. Small bets designed to help you quickly learn the most effective ways to build and nurture a culture of trust among the people who matter most to you.
We help you design your Trust Bets and identify how you will recongnize that your desired culture of trust is taking hold and growing.


Let’s get started

Building trust is a deliberate act. Trust is a constant work in progress. Still, most organizations only worry about it at moments of crisis—when they’ve lost the trust of people who matter to them. But rebuilding trust is much more difficult than earning and maintaining trust. We encourage you to make building, growing, and nourishing trust an ongoing priority at every level of your organization.

If you'd like to speak with us about how you might do that, send us a note.

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