TIGE Forum 2016

An Act of Trust

Hodge Arts + Future propose to create “An Act of Trust” an original performance co-created with, and for, the TIGE Forum 2016 participants. This multimedia experience will capture the personal trust and integrity stories, reflections, and insights of Forum participants and use their voices and images as the score and set for an improvisational dance performance on the final day of the gathering.

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The first two days of the Forum, Future will invite attendees to participate in exercises that evoke personal reflections, unearth stories, build skills, and reveal opportunities to grow trust and integrity. Hodge Arts will interview and film participant responses to these experiences.

Each evening, the choreographer and dancers will engage Forum participants at the Hub, seeking input and inspiration for the rules that will guide their improvisational performance.



Prior to the Forum, Hodge Arts will commission the composition of the score for “An Act of Trust.” The composer will be guided by the broad theme of trust and integrity and the intentions of the Calling, Character, Competence, and Co-Creation activities. The composition will then be translated into a click track, capturing the tone, rhythm, and timing of the score.

On day three and four of the forum, the voices and response of the participants to be overlaid on the composition as the musical instruments for the score.

The video imagery will be used to create the environment and set for the dance performance. 



The world premiere of “Act of Trust” will be performed on the final day of the Forum. Participants will be able to see themselves, their contributions, and their experiences reflected back to them through the multiple media of video, music, and dance. 



Design trust
& integrity exercises

Develop interview questions

Compose score (click track)

Develop dance performance improv rules

Day 1

Run Calling and Character

Film interviews with Forum participants

Engage participants at the Hub to co-create additional improv rules

Day 2

Run Competence and Co-Creation

Film interviews with Forum participants

Engage participants at the Hub to co-create additional improv rules

Day 3

Edit film to create voice track for score and set elements from participant responses and reflections

Engage participants at the Hub in dance improv and trial of rules for performance

Day 4

Complete voice track for score and set elements from film

Improv with specific elements of score and set (either at Hub or in theater) 

Day 5

Improv run throughs in theater

Premiere original performance and score in Forum theater


Videographer’s Statement

We are passionate about creating stories and connection with others. We are concerned about the world and how we live in it. We look for ways in our art that bring connection, joy, provocation, stimulation, inspiration.
Our pieces typically blend editorial materials and innovative uses of technology to explore complex human and social questions. We feel trust is a core element of human relations. With this piece we hope to probe what role trust plays in many facets of our lives. 

Choreographer’s Statement

Trust, manifested through the practice of improvisational dance, allows ideas come to fruition. Trust allows two bodies to move forward in space in agreement with one another. The foundation of improvisation is largely dependent upon trust that allows for the unknown, falling, risk, surprise, instinct and intuition. The persistent research required by the improv allows the dancer to move freely and encourages ambition, rigor, curiosity, generosity, good listening, and thoughtfulness. All of these depend on trust.

The Trust Troupe

The dance troupe will include 5-7 experienced dancers with an emphasis on improvisation in their practice—and who can easily participate in the Forum. Several weeks prior to our performance we will begin to correspond about trust, how it relates to improvisation, why it matters, and what it means in our art form. We will collaborate with Hodge Arts + Future to understand the exercises and questions that will be explored throughout the Forum.



“Suspense” is a visually metaphorical installation that studies movement and transition, both physically and sonically. It examines the dualistic relationships between the real and the imagined, the seen and the unseen, motion and stillness.

Music composed by François Houle

Performed by The Turning Point Ensemble

> 2013 Push festival in Vancouver

(2 channel video w. live performance, 30min)



"Spinning" is a video installation that investigates human relationships through movement. Four dancers are filmed on rotating platforms, acting out a spontaneous emotional play. The camera captures their movements as they approach one another and recede, spinning through a series of changing interrelationships, much like humans do in everyday life.

Music composed by Jay Cloidt

>16 May- 3 June 2012 at Fotografiska

(10 channel video, 8:22min)


In the Memory of the Forest

The Memory of the Forest draws its inspiration from the experience of  a woman who left the Warsaw Ghetto in 1939 and made her way across Russia, Japan, and Canada to finally land in New York. This story inspires a moving visual narrative with dancers interacting with vertical columns containing hundreds of ascending and descending images. The completed work is intended to be a paean to hope, will, and artistic possibility, encapsulated in the story of a young woman who continued to live and believe in a world under siege.

Gala event at Yerba Buena Center for Arts on March 12 2009.

SF chronicle TOP TEN 2009 in review: dance

(2 channel video/dance performance, 30min)