Learn. Apply. Master.

Build your innovation and change muscles.

Delivering innovation and change is hard.

Biology and culture lead us down a predictable path—with predictable results. Sometimes that’s good. But when you want to define and deliver what’s next—not so much. That’s when you need to be thinking wrong.

Think Wrong goes beyond Design Thinking to help you find a bolder path. We mash up user-centered design with the scientific method and top up with a dollop of behavioral science to help you find solutions that escape the status quo.

Our Think Wrong Training is intense, on-your-feet learning through doing. It’s an exhilarating ride that leaves participants pumped up and ready to use their new skills and tools to take on tough challenges and exciting opportunities.


Think Wrong Master Class


Join up to 20 people from all walks of life in our three-day Think Wrong Master Class. 

Learn how to use the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System—to define, develope, and deliver what’s next in the public, private, and social sectors.

Learn Think Wrong Language, Frameworks, Tools, and Techniques for conquering the status quo and creating bold solutions through challenges and opportunities that matter to you.

Think Wrong Master Class


Our three-day Public Think Wrong Master Class is tailored for your enterprise.

Learn how to think wrong through the challenges that matter most to you and your organization.

Invite up to 30 people from across your organization to gain in-depth training in the fundamentals of the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System.

Train the Think Wrong Trainer


Our two-day Train the Think Wrong Trainer Class builds on the foundation of the Think Wrong Master Class, teaching you how to instruct your peers through the hands-on application of the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System’s language, frameworks, tools, and technigies.

The Train the Think Wrong Trainer Class is the final step toward certification as a Think Wrong Master Instructor.

Who it’s for.

Imagining, building, and operating what’s next is a team sport. No one role is more important than the other. Coming together and learning a common language, frameworks, tools, and techniques makes it possible to achieve things that none of us can do on our own.


Think Wrong Training is for:

Shepherds. Those of us who create environments and cultures conducive to innovation and positive change. 

Outlaws. Those of us who reject the status quo, forge bold new paths, shake things up, and invent what’s next. 

Scouts. Those of us who help Outlaws navigate the obstacles, and find valuable resources, so that they can invent what’s next—with our guidance.


Sheriffs. Those of us who ensure that things run as smoothly as they possibly can—whether that’s operating what is, or inventing what’s next.

Posses. Those of us who get things done and protect our organizations and communities from unnecessary disruption—today and tomorrow.

Which to choose?



Drop us a line if you need help selecting the right training or have any questions.