Get Weird.

Use when you need to start solving from an entirely new place.



  • Attentive and receptive mindset
  • Random starting places
  • Opportunities for serendipitous connections
  • Team bonding and boldness
  • Fun


Brown paper bag


Step 1
Introduce the That's Odd Drill.

Step 2
Have participants pair up into duos or trios.

Step 3
Send Wrong Thinkers out to identify the three strangest things they can find in the surrounding environment.

Step 4
Ask Wrong Thinkers to email or text photographs of what they find to or a support person. 

Step 5
Upon their return, have Wrong Thinkers write the three strangest things on separate Post-its, using only 1–2 words to describe each.

Step 6
Ask Wrong Thinkers to place those Post-its in a brown paper bag.

Step 7
Ask several teams to share the highlights from their That’s Odd adventure.

A helpful prompt:
Have Wrong Thinkers pull out Post-its from the brown paper bag to randomly select the starting point for a Let Go Drill (see Pairs Well With below).


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill