It’s about time.

Keep time on your side by setting clear time limits, and informing Blitz teams how much time they have left in each drill with count downs to stay on track. Dive in to the art of getting the group’s attention, different culture resonate with different styles, find what works best for your group.


Take it to the limit.
Why do Think Wrong Drills have such short time limits? Most of our Think Wrong Drills run ~20 minutes long. These time limits are used to apply pressure, but also eliminate any extra time for debate and postering. We’re not messing with you: the short time durations actually help you generate ideas, and produce what is top of mind! Throw every idea you can think of out there—that's the point! *Make Stuff Drills are the main exception where we give you time to riff off each other as you bring your ideas to life. Plus, we’re getting six months' worth of work done in one day—that's a lot to cover!