Private Masterclass

Because everyone is responsible for making next happen

Delivering change and innovation inside organizations is hard.

Biology and culture draw us back to the predictable path—with predictable results. Sometimes that’s good. But when you want to define and deliver what’s next—not so much. That’s when you need to think wrong.

Think Wrong is design thinking’s punky little brother mashed up with the scientific method, and topped up with a dollop of behavioral science to help you escape the status quo.

Our Think Wrong training is intense on-your-feet learning through doing. It’s an exhilarating ride that leaves participants pumped up to use their new skills and tools to take on tough challenges and exciting opportunities that matter to you.

The masterclass teaches participants how to solve what’s next using the zones of innovation and change (define, develop, and dominate), the different organizational roles (Shepherds, Sheriffs, Scouts, Outlaws, and the Posse), and the language, frameworks and practices of thinking wrong.


Who’s it for?

Imagining, building, and operating what’s next is a team sport. No one role is more important than the the other. Coming together and learning a common language, frameworks, tools, and techniques make it possible to achieve things that none of us can do on our own.

Think Wrong training is for:

Shepherds. Those who create environments conducive to innovation and positive change. 

Outlaws. Those who reject the status quo, and strive to implement what might be. 

Scouts. Those who excel at navigating an organization, and finding valuable resources.

Sheriffs. Those who protect your organization—today and tomorrow.

Posses. Those who get things done and make things run smoothly.

The responsibility for what’s next is everybody’s, and everyone in your organization wants challenging work, recognition for achievement, responsibility, opportunity to do something meaningful, involvement in decision making, and sense of importance to an organization, so everyone needs to be involved.

What participants learn

By the end of the masterclass, participants will be able to:

  • Frame challenges so that the problems people are solving align with your organization’s strategy, objectives, aspirations, and address real issues
  • Apply Think Wrong frameworks to communicate problems and opportunities within and beyond your organization
  • Use Think Wrong Practices, Drills, and tools to create high-impact solutions in an inclusive way
  • Apply Think Wrong tips and techniques to everyday situations enabling habit formation even if there’s time overload
  • Access the Think Wrong Lab (the secure cloud-based platform) so learners can continue to choose content most valuable to them, where they are, and when they need it**
  • Understand innovation roles so traditional hierarchies can be deconstructed and new team-based approaches instituted
  • Appreciate the importance of insightful questioning to learning and innovation

What we bring 

We’re a product company not a consultancy, so we are maniacally focused on making problem solving and the innovation process more understandable, easier to learn, adopt and execute, and scalable across your entire organization.

Instructors—yup, we come! We keep the classes small to make sure that everyone gets the attention they need and deserve.

Supplies—we'll arrive fully loaded with all the posters, pens, books, notebooks, Post-Its, tape, cameras, etc...

What we need

Space—with tables for teams and wall space for posters (windows work too)

Food—they are pretty long intense days so we like to fuel folks up not shut them down.

Technology—laptops for participants, access to the internet (and whitelist our software so you can access our software through your firewall), and we do like to show some videos so a projector or TV would be great.

Commitment from attendees—please clear their calendars, there is little more disruptive for your team than disappearing team members. 

We also run classes in our studio on Main St, Half Moon Bay, CA.

**You get 30 days access to The Lab with the class, and various subscription offerings are available beyond that.


What people say

Moving from knowing the methods and tools to understanding them and being able to apply them effectively was something i found incredibly useful.
— Attendee
I felt a deep change in way of seeing things and doing them. The class revealed that we’d been lacking the sttructure and tools to make it happen in our business
— Attendee
It’s a much larger offer. It was like getting a toolbox equipped with all kinds of screwdrivers, hammers, and wrenches versus just receiving one or two tools.
— Attendee

How much does it cost?

    3 Day (minimum 16 people, maximum 24)

    • $3499 per person, Standard Rate
    • $2999 per person, Non-Profit/Education/Government Rate
    • And costs for us to get to you

    2 Day (minimum 16 people, maximum 24)

    • $2499 per person, Standard Rate
    • $2099 per person, Non-Profit/Education/Government Rate
    • And costs for us to get to you

    Need a smaller bet? We regularly run public masterclasses at our studio in Half Moon Bay, just 30 minutes from San Francisco International Airport.


    Cancellation happens. Here’s how we’ll handle it.