Private Think Wrong Master Class

Because everyone in your organization is responsible for making next happen

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Learn how to define, deliver, and dominate what’s next.

Organizations struggle to manage the tension between their efforts to operate what is and their efforts to invent what’s next.

Most lack the common language, frameworks, tools, and techniques required to build productive relationships and collaboration among those charged with operating their existing enterprises and those charged with inventing tomorrow’s.

Learn how to use the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System to create an environment and culture that value both—and to equip everyone in your organization to imagine, create, and deliver ingenious solutions to the challenges that matter most you.

Invite up to 30 people from across your organization to gain in-depth training in the fundamentals of the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System.

15 people minimum / 30 people maximum

3 Days (8:30am–5:30pm each day)

Private Master Classes are run at a location convenient to you. We can also host Private Master Classes at our Think Wrong Studio in Half Moon Bay, CA USA

Contact Kim Scales for a quote.

Need a smaller bet? We also offer public Think Wrong Master Classes at our studio in Half Moon Bay, 30 minutes from the San Francisco International Airport, in February, May, August, and November.

What participants do

  • Apply Think Wrong Frameworks to shared problems and opportunities.
  • Frame Think Wrong Challenges that align with your organization’s strategy, objectives, and aspirations.
  • Get hands-on experience with Think Wrong Practices, Drills, and Tools.
  • Learn valuable tips and techniques for helping others to think wrong.
  • Curate, communicate, and collaborate with Wrong Thinkers from across your organization.
  • Design, produce, lead, and report on a Think Wrong Blitz.
  • Apply the entire system to current problems and opportunities challenging your organization.
  • Develop a personal 90-day Think Wrong Habit-Building Plan to put their new skills into practice.

What participants get

Language and Frameworks

  • The fundamentals of thinking wrong.
  • Language and a set of practical frameworks to assess the current state of problems, solutions, and to facilitate conversations and collaboration among colleagues.


  • A problem-solving toolkit that they can immediately use in one-on-one interactions, meetings, or planning larger events.
  • Tools and techniques for creating and testing solutions hypotheses.
  • A 90-day license to the Think Wrong Lab and more than 150 drills and templates to protect against the inevitable pull of the status quo.
  • A Think Wrong Blitz Report capturing the activities, ideas, and insights from the practice Blitz.

Skills and Techniques

  • Problem-finding techniques for asking insightful questions and framing challenges.
  • New approaches to gather input in an inclusive way—inoculating against loudest voice syndrome.
  • Understanding how to form teams with the right balance of roles at the right time.
  • Insight into the why, how, what questions that need to be asked when moving from one innovation zone to the next.
  • Insights into how a portfolio approach, optionality, and option value are vital to innovation.


  • Ability to immediately use Think Wrong Drills in meetings, working sessions, and more intensive workshops (we call them Blitzes).
  • 90-day Think Wrong Habit-Building Plan to put their new skills into practice.

What we’ll bring

We’re a product company not a consultancy. That’s why we focus on making the Think Wrong Problem-Solving System more understandable; easier to learn, adopt and execute; and scalable across your entire organization.

To do that we provide the following:

Yup, we come! At least two of us for a class up to 30 to ensure that each participant gets the attention they need and deserve.

The Think Wrong Lab
We’ll invite participants to access the Think Wrong Lab prior to the class, throughout the class, and for 90 days after as a helpful platform and resource for putting Think Wrong into practice.

We provide all the supplies required to teach the class. 

What we’ll need

A clean, well-lit space with tables for teams and plenty of windows or wall space for hanging the large-format posters we work on.

We will collectively burn a lot of calories—putting our brains and bodies to work—over long, intense days. So we will work with you to select food and beverage options that fuel us—rather than put us to sleep.

Each participant should come with a laptop. We bring Chromebooks as back ups—we’ll just need to be able to access your network and your participant’s webmail.

We will need access to the internet (and maybe whitelist our software so everyone can get through your firewall).

We also like to show some videos, so a large, flat-screen monitor or digital projector is helpful.

Please, tell your participants why they have been invited to the class, and why it should matter to them and your organization.

Please make sure your participants clear their calendars. You are making the investment in them—so it is important that they each get the most out of their learning opportunity.

Also, because we do quite a bit of small team co-learning, it is important for each participant to be there for their team.