Prioritize it.

Use when you need to prioritize ideas for high impact.

[Imoact X Doability is...] 


  • Definition of high impact
  • Definition of what makes a solution doable
  • Reduced set of high-potential ideas




  • Blue Tape
  • Sharpies
  • Post-its


Step 1
Introduce the Impact x Doability Drill.

Step 2
Use blue tape to create a large L-shaped space. Label the vertical axis “Impact” with “Very Little” at bottom-most point and “Extraordinary” at top-most point. Label the horizontal axis “Doability” with “Nearly Impossible” at left-most point and “Dead Simple” at right-most point.  

Step 3
Have Wrong Thinkers use Post-its to describe impact, placing them on the outside of the vertical axis.

Step 4
Have Wrong Thinkers use Post-its to describe doability, placing them below the horizontal axis.

Step 5
Instruct Wrong Thinkers to position the ideas generated from the Let Go Drills in the Impact x Doability space—with everyone placing ideas at the same time.

Step 6
Ask Wrong Thinkers to select the three ideas their team is most excited about exploring further.

Step 7
Ask teams to share the highlights from their Systemspotting.

Encourage all Wrong Thinkers to participate with placing the ideas rather than telling one or two teammates where the ideas ought to be placed in the Impact x Doability space. 
If there is a disagreement with placement, move it, and discuss why you moved it with the group.


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill