Guide Me.

Let Future help your organization escape the status quo.

We design, produce, and deliver Think Wrong Blitzes that generate status quo busting solutions for our clients. 


Before a Think Wrong Blitz.

What we do.

What you get.

We help you frame the Blitz challenge.

We help you define your situation, opportunity, objectives, and desired outcomes.

We help you define the scope of your Blitz.

We design your Blitz. 

We set your Blitz up in the Think Wrong Lab software.

We help recruit Blitzers.

We produce all elements of the Blitz, curating the location, food and beverage, knowledge and inspiration boards. 

We prepare a Blitz guide, drawing on our extensive library of Think Wrong drills.

  • Focus on priority challenges.
  • A compelling Blitz challenge statement, Blitz objectives, and desired outcomes.
  • Access to Blitz tools and resources.
  • Interest and excitement and enthusiasm among your people and partners.
  • Participant tracking.
  • A custom-built think wrong experience.



During a Think Wrong Blitz

What we do.

What you get.

We lead your team through an intense, hands-on, exploration of your challenge—and potential solutions.

We document the ideas, solutions, outcomes, insights, and outputs generated by your Blitz.

We deliver a fun, immersive, bonding experience that teaches Blitzers how to think wrong to increase the effectiveness of your teams, partners, and other key relationships.

  • A clear and compelling vision of desired impact.
  • Alignment and buy-in from teammates, partners, and leaders.
  • Inspiration for status-quo-busting solutions.
  • An inventory of unexpected ideas and promising solutions.
  • Rapid prototypes, models, and narratives for your emerging solutions.
  • Provocative questions and hypotheses for further exploration and experimentation.
  • A portfolio of small bets and insight-producing experiments.  
  • Milestones, prioritized action plans, and assignments.

After a Think Wrong Blitz

What we do.

What you get.

We organize, archive, and share photo and video documentation of your Blitz.

We prepare an online report for your Blitz—capturing your outcomes, ideas, solutions, agreements, insights, and outputs.

We produce and deliver a commemorative t-shirt as a thank you for all Blitzers.

  • Access to a detailed Blitz Report to inform and guide your next steps.
  • 3 months access to the tools and resources used in your Blitz.
  • 3 months access to the guide and drills used in your Blitz.