Hello. We’re Future Partners.

Thinking Wrong is what we do.


We developed our cloud-based Think Wrong Lab to provide ongoing access to the techniques and tools that help people overcome biology and culture to find inspired, ingenious solutions. We also design and deliver Think Wrong Blitzes –intense, hands-on events that teach people how to use wrong thinking to produce portfolios of ingenious solutions that matter.

In the last 36 months alone, we have helped clients in 13 states and in countries from Iceland and Switzerland to Taiwan and Ivory Coast Think Wrong.

We help clients across diverse organizations—tech, biotech, architecture, design, real estate, nonprofit, cultural, educational, financial—and a breadth of geographies.

In addition, we have a robust schedule of conferences, university events, and symposia where we present Think Wrong, including most recently TEDx, Pando Populus, Kansas City Design Week, San Francisco Design Week, and Core 77 Design for Social Impact, to name a few.

Our strong connection with universities and colleges across the globe began with partner John Bielenberg’s ongoing Think Wrong Student Initiative: Project M. There is now a formal Think Wrong program embedded at California College of the Arts. Within higher ed., professors are incorporating thinking wrong in their curriculum, preparing the next generation of Wrong Thinkers.

Future Partners is led by three founding Wrong Thinkers – John Bielenberg, Mike Burn and Greg Galle.