Open space for open minds.

Let your venue invite collaboration and making. To help create a unique and generative experience we encourage you to think wrong as far away from a typical work environment as possible. We’re also serious about room set-up and feeding Wrong Thinkers. Check out the examples and tips below.


Where you think wrong matters.
We encourage you to select a venue that has plenty of open wall space and light—a blank canvas, if you will. Selecting an unexpected, interesting venue will add to your Blitz and what you hope to accomplish together. Don’t be afraid to disrupt the space you’re working in to make the most of your Blitz experience.

Make it easy on yourself.
Set up your Blitz in a way that enables an easy transition from drill to drill. Make sure to stage materials and furniture to match the day’s activities, while allowing for flexibility if changes arise. Learn the pro tips—from pre-rolling posters to preparing team stations—to ensure your group stays focused on what matters.

Eat wrong.
Blitzes are mentally and physically exhausting—imagine how many calories your brain burns while thinking wrong. Make sure Wrong Thinkers are properly fueled and hydrated. Want to kick it up a notch? Find local vendors, caterers, and food entrepreneurs that will inspire your group as they think wrong.