Learn. Apply. Master.

Become a Wrong Thinker.

We teach Wrong Thinkers to:

  • Raise the bar for what might be achieved.
  • Inspire status-quo-busting solutions.
  • Generate portfolios of compelling ideas.
  • Gain insights into challenges and solutions. 
  • Learn what works—while reducing the risk of your new solutions.
  • Accelerate progress and time-to-impact

Watch what our most recent graduates have to say about their Think Wrong Master Class.

Think Wrong Introduction

Introduce your private group
to the Think Wrong problem-solving system in this 3-hour hands on class.

  • Learn the Think Wrong Practices
  • Apply three Think Wrong Drills to a shared challenge.
  • Make, present, receive, and give feedback on rapid prototypes of solutions to the challenge.

Think Wrong Immersion

Learn the six Think Wrong Practices through the application of six Think Wrong Drills to a shared challenge.

  • Craft a moonshot.
  • Find unexpected inspiration.
  • Generate dozens of unexpected solutions.
  • Quickly evaluate and rank those solutions.
  • Rapidly prototype the highest potential solutions.
  • Identify the most compelling questions presented by your solutions.
  • Design small bets to answer those questions.
  • Learn how to use the full intelligence and ingenuity of your cohort to continuously improve your solutions.
  • Make, present, receive, and give feedback on rapid prototypes of solutions to the challenge.

Think Wrong Master Class

Gain in-depth training in the Think Wrong Problem Solving System.

Learn how to:

  • Introduce Think Wrong
  • Apply Think Wrong Frameworks
  • Frame Think Wrong Challenges
  • Use Think Wrong Practices
  • Use Think Wrong Drills
  • Create Think Wrong Drills
  • Use Think Wrong Tools
  • Use the online Think Wrong Lab
  • Apply Think Wrong Tips & Techniques
  • Curate, communicate, and collaborate with Wrong Thinkers 
  • Design, produce, lead, and report on a Think Wrong Blitz


If you are interested in running a private Think Wrong Jam or Think Wrong Master Class, or plan on sending more than six people, please request a quote.


What your organization gets.

Think Wrong Introduction

1-month of membership to the Think Wrong Lab

3-months access to your Think Wrong Intro Overview and Guide


Think Wrong Immersion

1-month of membership to the Think Wrong Lab

3-month access to your Think Wrong Jam Overview and Report (including your Think Wrong Jam Drills)


Think Wrong Master Class

Think Wrong Certification

3-month membership to the Think Wrong Lab

6-month access to your Think Wrong Blitz Overview, Guide, and Report

What your people get.

Think Wrong Coaches
Onsite coaching from our experienced team of Think Wrong Instigators and Producers.


Think Wrong

An indepth introduction to proven Think Wrong Practices told through compelling, real world stories in the top-selling Think Wrong—How to Conquer the Status Quo and Do Work That Matters.

Think Wrong Lab
Templates and Tools

Hands on experience with step-by-step instructions to help you learn, apply, and help others Think Wrong. 

Think Wrong Lab

Short videos explaining key concepts, frameworks, when to think wrong, how to introduce drills, and tips and techniques to help others think wrong.


Think Wrong Training Events


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We’ll equip your team to forge bold paths and conquer the forces that conspire to maintain the status quo.


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