Box it.


Use when you want a clear, compelling, and concise presentation of your emerging business idea.

[Biz In a Box is...] 


  • Clear and compelling language for:
  •          — Whom the business is intended
             — The nature of the business's relationship with the beneficiaries
             — What the business is best at
             — How to engage with the business
             — Reasons to believe in the business
             — The business's promise

  • Identification of adjacent strengths with which to build the business
  • Rough models of the business's products, services, processes, experiences, etc.


Biz in a Box boxes
Biz Grid Poster
Go Deep Poster
Biz in a Box labels(click here)
Video camera



Blue tape
Glue gun
Foam core
Exacto knives
Colored markers
Printers, ink, paper, and photopaper


Step 1
Introduce the Biz in a Box Drill.

Step 2
Give each team three blank boxes. 

Step 3
Instruct individual Wrong Thinkers to choose which of the three ideas they want to work on (teams are welcome to work on all three). 

Step 4
Instruct teams to bring their offer to life using their box:
Top: Write a grabber with a tagline that might make someone pay attention to the business.
Side 1: Describe what the business is best used for.
Side 2: Describe how the business should be used.

Side 3: Describe what the secret ingredients of the business are.
Side 4: Describe what the business is guaranteed to do and what the “OR” is (e.g., “Guaranteed to make your smile brighter OR your money back.”).
Bottom: Who the business is built for and the nature of the relationship between the beneficiary and the business (e.g., Athlete to Coach).

Step 5
Have teams complete the Biz Grid and Go Deep Posters inside each box.


Biz in a Box is a good drill to film record for the documentation of the Think Wrong session.


When to use the Drill

How to introduce the Drill

Tips for facilitating the Drill