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Future is the Think Wrong company. Think Wrong is the radical problem-solving-system that is the secret to solving next by reliably produces surprising, ingenious answers to your most wicked questions.  


To solve next,
think wrong.

Think Wrong is the radical problem-solving-system that helps you reinvent next. 



Use our cloud-based problem-solving-system and tools so you can think wrong anywhere, anytime.

Learn how to Think Wrong and to solve next, with expert-led, in-person classes.

Escape the status quo with custom-designed Think Wrong Blitzes led by our experienced Instigators.

Integrate thinking wrong into your organization to forge bolder paths to next for your clients.

You know your now
isn’t your next.

But to get from what is to what might be requires you to conquer both biology and culture – and doing that is hard, really hard.

The nos, the laters, the too busies, the rules, the politics, the couldn’ts, the wouldn’ts, the shouldn’ts, and the tried and faileds all coalesce to snuff out your aspirations for next and anchor you in now.

The secret to solving next is thinking wrong.

Think Wrong is the radical problem system that helps you overcome the orthodoxies, biases, and assumptions of solving for now, and deliver insights and killer solutions for what's next.

Six Think Wrong practices guide you to escape the status quo.


Dare to make a difference.


Find fresh inspiration. 


Expand what’s possible.


Gain insights through making.


Discover what works. 


Achieve impact sooner. 


We wrote the book on it.


At Future Partners, we develop the language, frameworks, tools and techniques people need to Think Wrong and uncover status-quo busting solutions.


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