Thinking Wrong in Action.

Imagine a hackathon, meets team building, meets professional development, meets leadership summit. 

Imagine getting six weeks of work done in about a day. Imagine coming up with solutions together that you could never conceive of on your own. 

You’ve just imagined your Think Wrong Blitz™. An intense, hands-on session designed to teach our Think Wrong Practices to your people and to produce a portfolio of ingenious solutions to challenges that matter to your organization. 


Think Wrong Stories

Development Blitz


How Starbucks’ Creative Director used Think Wrong Practices to build the capability of his Creative Services team to shape corporate strategy.

Challenge Blitz


How SodaStream leadership thought wrong to create a meaningful brand with social, environmental, and economic impact. 


Convening Blitz

Not For Sale

How Not For Sale convened an all star team of leaders to imagine the wrong solutions to protect Peruvian Villagers from slavery.

Agency Blitz

Butler Bros

How The Butler Bros and Legacy Foundation used a Think Wrong Blitz to engage African American youth in the fight against menthol.

See others we've helped to think wrong—our customers.


Rather watch than read? Here you go.


What Blitzers Say.


See how DMG used a Think Wrong Blitz to conceive of a new business to accelerate with our partners at mach49.

Find out what the Blitzers from mach49’s Mothership Blitz thought of their blitzing experience.


Institute for Child Success Disrupt Blitz

On November 11-13 of 2014, educators, early childhood development professionals, authors, public leaders, designers, marketers, civil leaders, parents, and ICS staff gathered in Greenville, South Carolina, for a Think Wrong Blitz.

Charles River School Future Blitz

On November 14-15 2014 Future partnered with the Charles River School in Dover, MA to reimagine the future of their amazing school.


Montara Circle


See how Not For Sale private labels our Think Wrong Blitz to convene public and private sector leaders in the fight against human trafficking.

See how 220 public- interest communicators used Thinking Wrong to explore the potential of their vocation.




See the banned SodaStream Super Bowl commercial that came from their Challenge Blitz.

See how Thinking Wrong gave birth to a product that is helping to protect the Peruvian Villagers and their environment from exploitation by human traffickers. 


Thinking wrong in our own words.

Greg Galle

John Bielenberg

TEDxGrandRapids, Jumping the Ingenuity Gap

2013 AIGA Gold Medalist Introduction


Greg Galle

John Bielenberg

Greg testifies at the Joint Committee Hearing on California’s Creative Economy chaired by Senator Ben Allen

Read the full story in Greg's blog post

Born Ingenious


John Bielenberg

John Bielenberg

Make a dent in the universe

TEDxGreenville. A New Collaborative Capitalism—COMMON Brand 


John Bielenberg

John Bielenberg

Compost Modern: How To Rapidly Find Ingenious Solutions to The Greatest Challenges

Creative Leaders Retreat. Thinking Wrong in the corporate environment


John Bielenberg


IxDA John presents on the ingenuity required to escape from bears.

Thinking wrong in other people’s words.



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