Unlock ingenuity to incite innovation.









Unlock ingenuity to incite innovation.








Future is a Silicon Valley innovation firm teaching people how to conceive of ingenious solutions.




Future is a Silicon Valley innovation firm teaching people how to conceive of ingenious solutions.




We help innovation, change, and growth leaders get much more out of their existing resources. 


Make rapid ingenuity your secret weapon for unlocking the full potential and capabilities of your people, partners, collaborators, and assets.



Talent Leaders

Business Leaders

Marketing and
Sales Leaders

Foundation Leaders

Drive employee engagement, grow capabilities and productivity, improve recruitment and retention, and foster a culture of innovation.

Deliver growth through innovation, increase asset utilization, improve margins, and develop stakeholder value.


Build thought leadership, deepen customer relationships and loyalty, deliver experiences that lead to market insights and game changing innovations.

Grow the capabilities of grantees, improve the quality of grant applications, build networks of grantees and donors, and increase impact of grants.


The next generation of design thinking.

Our Rapid Ingenuity Practices™ provide a repeatable, proven way to unlock the ingenuity of organizations—fast.


Be Bold aligns innovation with the strategic aspirations of your organization.

Get Out invites serendipity, letting people and places inspire new solutions. 

Think Wrong breaks the synaptic connections that result in the same old answers.

Make Stuff turns your ideas into solutions that can be shared and understood.

Bet Small reveals what works, what doesn't, and how to improve your innovations.

Move Fast taps into existing knowledge and new insights to accelerate time-to-impact.

We deliver these practices through an intense, hands-on session designed to teach your people how to unlock their ingenuity and produce a portfolio of ingenious solutions that matter to your organization.

We call that session a Blitz.


We’ve used our Rapid Ingenuity Practices to help Starbucks Creative Services become more ingenious strategists, SodaStream’s CEO take on Big Soda, Not for Sale convene leaders to invent a slavery-ending beverage, and The Butler Bros Agency engage youth to create menthol-fighting products.  
We’ve helped many others too.


Future’s mission is to unlock organizations’ ingenuity to achieve greater impact.

We believe that everyone is born ingenious. 


Meet the founders.

John Bielenberg / Greg Galle / Mike Burn